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The aluminum shells don't sound as metallic as you might think.
They always surprise with a very warm and rich character.

Around the Bassdrum's and the Tom's
shell ridges a narrow isolation strip is glued in.

This limits an excessive sustain in the shell
and gives the better and resonance heads a slightly larger ridge to rest on.
At the same time, overtones are filtered out and the fur is slightly isolated.
For a completely open sound, the isolation strip can also be left out.

The basic covering includes a single-ply black resonant
and a single-ply black roughened better head.
Other drum head combinations can also be customized at any time.
... black, white, transparent, single-ply, double-ply, smooth, roughened...

The Snare

The same drum heads and shell material,
but due to the different diameters and depths, each snare has its own sound.
Highly or deeply tuned...
..what they have in common is the warm and rich character, with a good attack.

The Tom

High percussive, poppy, jazzy as well as very deep rock sounds can be realized.
The Tom's also have a quick reaction as well as a warm and rich tone.

The Bassdrum

 If high or deep tuned the bass drum never loses its pressure.
Even when tuned very deep

 it has much more tone and "life" in comparison to many conventional woodshells.

To vary the pitch of the bass drum we have a special isolation mat,
which can easily be rolled up and put through the air hole.
With a few steps, it lies stable in the shell and does not have to be aligned after every transport, like a blanket.
It is quickly removed without having to unscrew the front head!


WM Drums Presentation

The first drum set made of aluminium quintet sheet metal. 
- Real - Rustic - Honest - Unique -

Sound examples

We only recorded with room microphones to get the most honest sound possible.
Around the tom shell ridges a narrow isolation strip is glued in and limits an excessive sustain in the shell.