About me and the company´s...

My name is Marco Müller and the Odenwald is my home.

Since the age of 14, I have been passionately playing drums and percussion and have always assembled parts for special sound effects, single drums and complete drum sets made of different materials.
The music of the individual bands and groups I have already played with by now reach from a marching band, big band, classic rock, pop, progressive- and trashmetal, up to singer-songwriter.
Currently I play in a trio called "Simple Life," together with two acoustic guitarists
and since 2007 I am the rhyme machine of the Depeche Mode tribute band "Depeche Reload."

I am a metal builder/ Blacksmith and took over the locksmith business of my father ´Werner Mueller ´ in 2010.
In our family business we realize, in the second generation, gates, railings, furniture, stairs and all other wishes of our customers for more than 40 years.

Since 2007, under the name "WM Parts" , we also building individual accessories for
Land Rover and other off-road vehicles.
In addition to a special roof support system, which was developed by myself, contains interior fittings, stable steel tubes and a lot of aluminum quintet sheet metal.

Since 2020 I combined my passions under one roof and built the first complete drumset with

´Aluminium quintet sheet metal´.


- Real - Rustic - Honest - Unique -